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FM19 Free Agents - Football Manager 2019 Free Players

FM19 Free Agents - Best 200 ShortlistBest Football Manager 2019 free agents shortlist contains the most notable free agent players from FM19.

Free players, or if you prefer it, free agents, play an essential role in Football Manager 2019.

They are unattached by contract to any club so you can get them without any transfer fee involved, that's £0 out of your transfer budget.

Signing up free agents in FM19 is a great way to give some extra depth to your team, without the cost of paying massive transfer fees to the other club involved.

And more than often you will make some money once you decide to sell your free players, so obviously everything you earn in the process of signing up and selling free agents counts as a profit.

That's one of the ways how to build up your transfer budget.


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The only expense you'll have to pay for them is the sign-up bonus, and a third party fee if they are represented by an agent.

I've searched FM19 for the best ones in each position respectably, from goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders to strikers.

You'll find more than 200 of some of the best free players in the game.

By default, I've sorted the players from the best to the lowest potential.

FM19 Free Agents Shortlist

Name Position Age Nat
Samir Nasri M/AM (RLC) 31 FRA
Benoît Trémoulinas D/WB (L) 32 FRA
Dimitar Berbatov AM (C), ST (C) 37 BUL
Miguel Veloso DM, M (C) 32 POR
Diego Cavalieri GK 35 BRA
Obafemi Martins ST (C) 33 NGA
Javi Varas GK 35 ESP
Darío Conca AM (RLC) 35 ARG
Serdar Tasçi D (C) 31 GER
Eliseu D/WB (L) 34 POR
Robert Huth D (C) 33 GER
Robbie Keane ST (C) 38 IRL
Nilmar ST (C) 34 BRA
Fernando Tissone DM, M (C) 32 ARG
Kléber ST (C) 34 BRA
Papy Djilobodji D (C) 29 SEN
Eugen Polanski DM, M (C) 32 POL
Didier Ndong M (RC) 24 GAB
Dennis Diekmeier D/WB/M/AM (R) 28 GER
Mathieu Flamini DM, M (C) 34 FRA
Fidel Martínez AM (LC), ST (C) 28 ECU
Didier Digard DM, M (C) 32 FRA
Abou Diaby M/AM (C) 32 FRA
Éderson M (C), AM (RLC) 32 BRA
James Collins D (C) 34 WAL
Philipp Wollscheid D (C) 29 GER
Cédric Carrasso GK 36 FRA
Carlos Valencia D/WB (R) 29 COL
Apodi D/WB/M/AM (R) 31 BRA
Emmanuel Emenike ST (C) 31 NGA
Dennis Oliech M/AM (R), ST (C) 33 KEN
Carlos Gerardo Rodríguez D (LC) 33 MEX
Panagiotis Kone M/AM (C) 31 GRE
Jan Kirchhoff D (C), DM, M (C) 27 GER
Diego Polenta D (LC) 26 URU
Mandi D (C), DM, M (C) 29 ESP
Patrice Evra D/WB (L) 37 FRA
Federico Nieto ST (C) 34 ARG
Rafael Marques D (C) 34 BRA
Vladimir Gabulov GK 34 RUS
Cirilo Saucedo GK 36 MEX
Victor Anichebe AM (L), ST (C) 30 NGA
Mauricio Pinilla ST (C) 34 CHI
Domingos D (C) 32 BRA
Hamit Altintop DM, M (C) 35 TUR
Andreas Ivanschitz M (L), AM (LC) 34 AUT
Gustavo Colman M (C) 33 ARG
Halil Altintop AM (C), ST (C) 35 TUR
Giovanni GK 31 BRA
Denílson DM, M (C) 30 BRA
Luís Fabiano ST (C) 37 BRA
Sebastián Leto ST (C) 31 ARG
Oscar Ustari GK 32 ARG
Damián Escudero M (C), AM (LC) 31 ARG
Carlinhos D/WB/M/AM (L) 31 BRA
Jonathan Fabbro AM (LC) 36 PAR
Änis Ben-Hatira M (RL), AM (RLC) 30 TUN
Pablo Batalla M/AM (C) 34 ARG
Roberto Lago D/WB (L) 32 ESP
Assane Gnoukouri DM, M (C) 21 CIV
Emiliano Armenteros M (C), AM (L) 32 ARG
Ismael Díaz AM (L), ST (C) 21 PAN
Dioko Kaluyituka AM (R), ST (C) 31 COD
Juan Arango M (L), AM (LC) 38 VEN
Emerson Silva D (C) 35 BRA
Hilario Navarro GK 37 ARG
Lukman Haruna DM, M/AM (C) 27 NGA
Glen Johnson D/WB (R) 33 ENG
Alexander Meier AM (C), ST (C) 35 GER
Alejandro Domínguez M/AM (C) 37 ARG
Mauricio Victorino D (C) 35 URU
Giuseppe Rossi ST (C) 31 ITA
Hrvoje Milic D/WB/M (L) 29 CRO
Isaac Cuenca M (RL), AM (RLC) 27 ESP
Papa Guèye D (C) 34 SEN
Felipe Santana D (C) 32 BRA
Keirrison ST (C) 29 BRA
Przemyslaw Tyton GK 31 POL
José María Cárdenas WB/M/AM (L) 33 MEX
Juan Eluchans D/WB/M/AM (L) 38 ARG
Michel Morganella D/WB (RL) 29 SUI
Fernando Navarro D (LC) 36 ESP
Alberto Aquilani M (C) 34 ITA
Dramane Traoré ST (C) 36 MLI
Sejad Salihovic M/AM (LC) 33 BIH
Michael Essien DM, M (C) 35 GHA
Patricio Araujo D (C), DM 30 MEX
Chris Baird D (RLC), DM, M (C) 36 NIR
Mariano Izco DM, M (C) 35 ARG
Pablo Velázquez ST (C) 31 PAR
Serginho M (C), AM (LC) 23 BRA
Cristian Nasuti D (C) 35 ARG
Miso Brecko D/WB (R) 34 SVN
Daniel Halfar M/AM (LC) 30 GER
Rafael Coelho AM (R), ST (C) 30 BRA
Santiago Nagüel M (RC), AM (R) 25 ARG
Kanu D (C) 34 BRA
Jesús Gámez D/WB (RL) 33 ESP
Xavier Báez DM, M (RC) 31 MEX
Marat Izmailov AM (RC) 35 RUS
Gianluca Gaudino DM, M/AM (C) 21 GER
Severo Meza D (RC), DM 32 MEX
Cristóbal Jorquera M/AM (C) 29 CHI
Daniel Pavlovic D/WB/M (L) 30 BIH
Achille Emana DM, M/AM (C) 36 CMR
Sébastien Bassong D (C) 32 CMR
Rodrigo Mancha D (C), DM, M (C) 32 BRA
Mario Bolatti DM, M (C) 33 ARG
Bruno Rodrigo D (C) 33 BRA
Florentin Pogba D (LC), WB (L) 27 GUI
Eugene Cheberyachko D (C), DM 35 UKR
Gastón Losa GK 41 ARG
Gegê M/AM (LC) 24 BRA
Alejandro Martinuccio AM (C), ST (C) 30 ARG
Léonard Kweuke ST (C) 31 CMR
Édgar Dueñas D (C) 35 MEX
José Manuel Casado D/WB (L) 31 ESP
Paulo Henrique AM (RL), ST (C) 29 BRA
Volkan Şen M/AM (RL) 31 TUR
Dimitar Rangelov ST (C) 35 BUL
Ernesto Farías ST (C) 38 ARG
Victor Obinna M/AM (L), ST (C) 31 NGA
Moustapha Bayal D (C), DM 32 SEN
Marcos González D (C) 38 CHI
Sulley Muntari DM, M (C) 33 GHA
Matías Vuoso ST (C) 36 MEX
Rafidine Abdullah DM, M (C) 24 COM
Micheal Babatunde AM (RLC) 25 NGA
Aleandro Rosi D/WB/M (R) 31 ITA
Nour Hadhria AM (RC) 27 TUN
Diego Macedo D/WB (R) 31 BRA
Xandão D (C) 30 BRA
Cristian Campestrini GK 38 ARG
Marco Donadel DM, M (C) 35 ITA
Jaycee John ST (C) 32 BHR
Bruno Aguiar D (C) 32 BRA
Lassana Fané DM, M (RC) 30 MLI
Russell Martin D (RC) 32 SCO
Diego Forlán AM (C), ST (C) 39 URU
Sergio Sena D/WB (R), M (RC) 35 ARG
Ventura GK 30 POR
Pablo Garnier DM, M (RC) 37 ARG
Krisztián Vadócz DM, M (C) 33 HUN
Tom De Sutter ST (C) 33 BEL
Darren Bent ST (C) 34 ENG
Hernán Encina M/AM (R) 35 ARG
Anderson Aquino AM (C), ST (C) 31 BRA
Elkin Soto DM, M (C) 37 COL
Óscar Rojas D/WB (R) 30 MEX
Jonas D/WB (R) 31 BRA
Gustavo Balvorín ST (C) 40 ARG
Mariano Torresi M/AM (LC) 37 ARG
Peter Odemwingie AM (RL), ST (C) 37 NGA
Artur Moraes GK 37 BRA
Edson Braafheid D/WB (L) 35 NED
Jorge Villalpando GK 33 MEX
Manuel Arana M/AM (RL) 33 ESP
Karim Haggui D (C) 34 TUN
Peter Whittingham DM, M (RLC) 33 ENG
Fabien Camus AM (RLC) 33 TUN
Mauro Olivi AM (RLC), ST (C) 36 ARG
Francisco Gamboa D (RC) 33 MEX
Nicolás Castro M (C), AM (RLC) 34 ARG
Vítor Silva M/AM (C) 34 POR
Enrico Guarna GK 32 ITA
Germán Ferreyra D (RC), DM 22 ARG
Renat Yanbaev D (RL) 34 RUS
Marcinho M/AM (C), ST (C) 34 BRA
Rivaldo DM, M (LC) 32 BRA
Pablo González ST (C) 33 ARG
Zeljko Brkic GK 32 SRB
Pablo Aurrecochea GK 37 URU
Doka Madureira M (L), AM (LC) 34 BRA
Mzikayise Mashaba M/AM (L) 29 RSA
Sabri Sarıoğlu D/WB/M (R) 34 TUR
Júlio César D/WB/M (L) 36 BRA
Toró DM, M (RC), AM (R) 32 BRA
Jonny Magallón D (C) 36 MEX
Javier Cámpora ST (C) 38 ARG
Jan Mucha GK 35 SVK
Roberto Nanni ST (C) 36 ARG
Landry N'Guemo DM, M (C) 32 CMR
Volodymyr Gomenyuk AM (C), ST (C) 33 UKR
Michael Agazzi GK 34 ITA
Maxi Biancucchi AM (RL), ST (C) 33 ARG
McDonald Mariga DM, M (C) 31 KEN
Eleílson D (C) 33 BRA
Sílvio D/WB (RL) 30 POR
Diego Castaño DM, M (C) 39 ARG
Luciano Vella D/WB (R) 37 ARG
Raffaele Palladino AM (RL), ST (C) 34 ITA
Andriy Bliznichenko AM (RLC) 24 UKR
Renato Santos D (LC) 31 BRA
Mykola Ischenko D (C) 35 UKR
Dusan Svento D/WB/M/AM (L) 32 SVK
Diego Poyet DM, M (C) 23 URU
Ivan Bobko DM, M/AM (LC) 27 UKR
Rubén Miño GK 29 ESP
Logan Bailly GK 32 BEL
Ali Ahamada GK 26 COM
Bakaye Traoré DM, M (RC) 33 MLI
Tolcay Cigerci DM, M/AM (C) 23 TUR
Mahamane Traoré M/AM (C) 29 MLI

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FM20 Blog - Best Football Manager 2020 Content: FM19 Free Agents - Football Manager 2019 Free Players
FM19 Free Agents - Football Manager 2019 Free Players
Football Manager 2019 best free players, or if you prefer it, FM 2019 best free agents, play an essential role in FM19. They are unattached by contract to any club so you can get them without any transfer fee involved.
FM20 Blog - Best Football Manager 2020 Content
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