Best Free Agents on Football Manager 2022 | FM22 Updated Database


We bring you a list of the best free agents, i.e. players without a contract with the club, after the database update on Football Manager 2022.
Best Free Agents on Football Manager 2022 | FM22 Updated Database

We bring you a list of the best free agents, i.e. players without a contract with the club, after the database update on Football Manager 2022.

Database update on Football Manager 2022 is sometimes just as anticipated as the main game. The changes can be major after the transfers, and the performers can be rewarded with a boost in attributes, just like how the stragglers can be inversely affected with a decrease in attributes. 

Player contracts can sometimes be terminated or just simply run out, leaving them without clubs and an ideal stop-gap solution to managers who want to fill up important positions without really having to invest any money.

Let's find out who the best free players are in the latest database update for FM22

Best free agents - Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers are one of the most positions on the pitch. A modern-day goalkeeper builds momentum from the back and starts attacks. A Goalkeeper's mistake usually leads to goals conceded and is the only specialist position on the pitch.

1. Miguel Angel Moya

FM22 Miguel Angel Moya

Born in Mallorca, Moya began his career with Mallorca. Playing for several other clubs across Spain, his most notable moments are winning the Europa League and finishing as the runner up in the Uefa Champion's League with Atletico Madrid. He ran down his contract with Real Sociedad in 2021 and has been without a club since. In Football Manager 2022, Moya is a well-rounded keeper without many weaknesses. He is a very good passer and can comfortably play as a sweeper-keeper. He also is good in the air and can pluck crosses.

2. Giedrius Arlauskis

FM22 Giedrius Arlauskis

Arlauskis is a bit of a journeyman in footballing terms, having played in Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Spain, & Saudi Arabia. Arlauskis last played for Cluj in the Romanian league and is now clubless after running down his contract with Cluj. In FM22, Arlauskis is well rounded and particularly excels in 1 on 1 situations. He is also a hardworker in training, and considering he is just 33 (relatively young for a keeper), he could offer a few seasons as a worthy backup.

3. Fabian Giefer

FM22 Fabian Giefer

The German custodian Fabian Giefer has played the entirety of his career in Germany. Giefer did have a brief loan spell at Bristol City. His last professional contract was with Würzburger Kickers and he has been without a club since 2021. In FM 22, Giefer is still in peak physical condition. Giefer really excels in dealing with crosses and set pieces and makes use of his height. Considering that he is just 31, he can offer quite a few good seasons and could be a popular free agent in FM22 update database.

4. Michael Rensing

FM22 Michael Rensing

Rensing is a product of the Bayern academy and has even played for the Bayern seniors for 7 seasons. After spells at Koln and Leverkusen, Rensing played for Fortuna Dusseldorf for 7 seasons and did not renew his contract, which ended in 2020. Rensing still has top technical attributes in the game and can easily be a backup for most sides. He is superb at making reflex saves and in one on one situations. Although nearing the end of his career, Rensing can offer a solution to goalkeeping problems for several clubs.

5. Rafael

FM22 Rafael

Although he began his career with Santos in Brazil, Rafael played in Italy for most of his career and even has an Italian passport. Rafael is a legend at Verona and has represented the club over 300 times. Rafael spent his last professional season at Spezia and has been without a contract since 2021. In the game, Rafael has stellar attributes despite being 39 years old. He is naturally very fit and excellent in the air in smothering crosses. He is also good in one-on-ones and is a very good passer able to comfortably play as a sweeper-keeper which the modern game requires.

Best free agents - Defenders

Centre backs and fullbacks are the building blocks of any formation. They not only act as a shield in preventing goals, they sometimes have useful contributions in attack, especially from set-pieces.

1. Kwadwo Asamoah

FM22 Kwadwo Asamoah

Since his youth days, Asamoah has been in Italy and made his senior debut for Udinese way back in 2008. He has played for a host of different Italian clubs since, but his most notable time came with Juventus, where he won 6 Serie A titles. He has even won the Ghanian player of the year on 2 occasions. In the game, Asamoah may be over 30 but is still amongst the top left-backs the game has to offer. His fitness is still at a very high level, and with solid mental attributes, Asamoah can most definitely make a difference for many teams he signs for.

2. Marcelo Saracchi

FM22 Marcelo Saracchi

Saracchi is one of the youngest players on the list. Having played for a few clubs in a relatively young career, Saracchi most notably signed for Leipzig in 2018. However, due to a lack of gametime, he left the club and has been without a contract since. Considering that Saracchi is just 23, he has plenty of room for development. He already has very good attributes to start off with and is very pacy. Saracchi could be a very popular free agent after the winter update.

3. Mateo Musacchio

FM22 Mateo Musacchio

Originally from River Plate, the best years of Musacchio's career came for Villarreal. After spending 7 seasons at the club, he moved to the Serie A via AC Milan. After a year at Lazio plagued by injuries and unable to get any real gametime, Musacchio ran out his contract and is currently a free agent. In the game, Musacchio is still a very good centre back. His mental attributes are top tier, backed by decent technical and physical attributes. He could be a great backup for most sides and can provide much-needed experience to younger sides.

4. Senad Lulic

FM22 Senad Lulic

After spending his younger years in the Swiss League, Lulic moved to Lazio in 2021. He was with the club for 10 long years and eventually became the 5th most capped player for the club. In 2021, Lulic did not renew his contract with the club and is now a free agent. Although 35 and with waning physical attributes, Lulic can easily provide a great stop-gap solution at left-back for several clubs. His mental attributes are elite and backed by decent technicals; Lulic can still pull it off for several clubs. He is also extremely versatile and an ideal mentor for younger players.

5. Laurent Koscielny

FM22 Laurent Koscielny

Initially plying his trade in Ligue 1, Koscielny rose to prominence after signing for Arsenal. Koscielny enjoyed most of his career success in his 9 years at Arsenal before moving back to Ligue 1 through Bordeaux. After seeing out his contract and not opting to extend, Koscielny is now a free agent. In the game, Koscielny still has extremely good attributes, especially in the mental and technical disciplines of the game. He is also a superb header of the ball and a huge threat from set-pieces situations. Considering that Koscielny can be a great leader on and off the pitch and a superb mentor for younger defenders, he could be a valuable addition to most squads.

6. Ken Reichel

FM22 Ken Reichel

Reichel has spent his whole career playing across several tiers of German football. He spent most of his career at Eintracht Braunschweig, helping the club achieve promotion twice and was even promoted to be the captain of the club. After the club's fall to tier3, he rejected a contract and moved to Union Berlin. Reichel spent his last season with VfL Osnabruck and is currently without a club. In the game, Reichel has well-rounded attributes in all 3 departments. He has good natural fitness and can be a handy addition to several lower-tiered clubs providing the much-needed experience.

7. Edgar Le

FM22 Edgar Le

During his younger days in Portugal, the centre back was considered a prodigy and moved to Barcelona. However, he could never really break into the Barca squad, having primarily only played for their B team. After stints in Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands, Edgar Le spent his final season with Trabzonspor in Turkey. In FM 2022, Edgar Le is currently in his prime and has well-rounded attributes in all 3 categories. Capable of playing as a right-back if needed, Edgar Le is a hard-tackling defender who is strong. Edgar Le could be a useful signing for several clubs, and considering that he is still just 27, he could be in his peak for the next few years.

8. Ahmed Elmohamady

FM22 Ahmed Elmohamady

Starting his career in Egypt, Elmohamady moved to the Premier League after a successful loan spell at Sunderland. However, his best years came with Hull City and then later with Aston Villa. After the end of the contract with Villa, Elmohamady left the club and is currently not playing football professionally. In the game, Elmohamady has well-rounded attributes in all 3 departments. He is a fullback who does not have many weaknesses and does a job for most clubs. His experience is his greatest asset, and he can be a good mentor for younger players.

9. Jardel

FM22 Jardel

The Brazilian started his career with Vitoria in Brazil and moved around playing for several clubs in Brazil and Portugal. The best and longest spell of his career came at Benfica, with whom he has won several trophies. He did not renew his contract after it ended in 2021 and has been without a club since. In the game, Jardel is a solid central defender despite his age. He excels in the mental aspects of the game and is a leader on and off the pitch. He can also be a good mentor for younger players and will be a handy addition to several sides.

10. Jonathan

FM22 Jonathan

Jonathan was considered one of Brazil's top prospects and played for 6 years with Cruzeiro. After a brief spell with Santos, he moved to Inter Milan. Jonathan played the last season of his professional career with Athletico Paranaense in Brazil. In the game, Jonathan is still a very useful fullback. Although his physical attributes seem to be waning with age, Jonathan has well rounded mental and technical attributes. He is especially good in attack, able to pick very useful crosses and is a very good dribbler.

Best free agents - Midfielders

Midfielders are the engine of any formation. Midfielders play a key role in every side, creating, scoring, or preventing goals.

1. Oscar Romero

FM22 Oscar Romero

Romero is a Paraguayan international who played in the Argentine league for most of his career. However, he did have spells in Spain and China with mixed success. Playing his last 2 seasons at San Lorenzo, Romero is without a club and is a free agent in the game. Romero is in his prime and still has much to give for any team he signs for. He has well-rounded attributes in all 3 disciplines and is a very technical player. He is also an elite dribbler able to quickly get away from most defenders.

2. Lorenzo Reyes

FM22 Lorenzo Reyes

Reyes began his career in Chile before spending 3 seasons in Spain. He also had a successful stint in the Liga Mx. Lorenzo last played for Mazatlan in the Liga Mx and is currently without a club. In the game, Reyes has superb attributes for a defensive midfielder. The 30-year-old still has a lot to offer on the pitch and can easily make a difference for most sides he signs for. He excels in the mental aspects of the game and is a team player with a tremendous work rate.

3. Filipe Augusto

FM22 Filipe Augusto

Initially starting his career in Brazil, Augusto has played most of his career in Europe. He has played in Portugal, Spain and Turkey and has spent 7 years playing for several clubs in these nations. Augusto played for Damac in Saudi Arabia in 2021 and is without a club after the end of his contract. In the game, Augusto is a well rounded central midfielder. He is still just 27 at the start of the game and is in his prime. Augusto can be a good playmaker for most sides and is a very good passer. Considering that he has already played in Europe for several years, it may not be hard to get a work permit in several European nations, and he can make a difference on many sides.

4. Clement Grenier

FM22 Clement Grenier

The former French international has played for most of his career in France (except for a short loan spell in Italy). Having run down his 3-year contract at Rennes, Grenier is currently without a club in the game. His attributes in the game are excellent, especially his technicals. He is an elite passer with a silky first touch. Grenier can be a superb addition in midfield to most sides and can definitely influence games with his playmaking.

5. Sephir Taider

FM22 Sephir Taider

The 5th name is Sephir Taider from Algeria. The former Algerian international has played most of his career in Europe for clubs like Inter, Sassuolo & Bologna. After a successful 2 year stint in the MLS, Taider moved to Al Ain in Saudi Arabia, where he saw his contract out and is currently without a club. Taider is a well-rounded central midfielder who does not have many weaknesses. Currently 29, Taider is still in a very good physical condition and can certainly play even in the fastest of leagues. A team player, Taider is also a good penalty taker who has a good long shot.

6. Fredy Guarin

FM22 Fredy Guarin

Starting his career in Colombia, Guarin made a name for himself in the Serie A, with Inter Milan establishing himself as a very important player at the club. Guarin moved to the Chinese Super League despite interest from several European clubs and spent 3 successful seasons at Shanghai. After 1 year spells in Brazil & Colombian club Millonarios, Guarin is out of contract and without a club. One of the oldest players on this list, Guarin may be waning in the physical aspects of the game but excels in the technical and mental aspects. Guarin is a good passer, finisher and dribbler and can be a great mentor to younger players, especially from South America.

7. Hamza

FM22 Hamza

Having spent his playing career in Israel, Cyprus and Croatia, Hamza found most of his success with the Croatian club Hajduk Split. However, a ligament injury in 2020 forced Hamza to see out his contract with the club, and he has been without a club for 2 years. Hamza is a very able midfielder who is good on the ball. Possessing decent pace, Hamza is a good dribbler who can also pick out good passes. If his recovery from injury can be managed well, he can certainly make a difference to several sides and can be a handy addition who can contribute for several seasons.

8. Karim El Ahmadi

FM22 Karim El Ahmadi

Born in the Netherlands, Al Ahmadi started his career with FC Twente and later played for Feyenoord. After 2 years at Aston Villa, El Ahmadi moved back to Feyenoord. After spending his last 4 seasons at Al Ittihad in Saudi Arabia, El Ahmadi is out of contract and finds himself without a club. Despite being 36, El Ahmadi is good enough to be making a difference to several sides. He has some of the best mental attributes in the game and is a superb leader on the pitch. He also can serve as a mentor to younger players.

9. Jack Wilshere

FM22 Jack Wilshere

During his younger days, the Englishman was considered a prodigy, especially after a stellar display against Barcelona in the Champion's League. However, injuries greatly impacted his career, and Wilshere could never even come close to the potential he promised. His best years were spent at Arsenal, but Wilshere has played for several other Premier League teams. His most recent stint with Bournemouth in the Championship was unsuccessful, and Wilshere finds himself without a club in the game. Although he declined massively in terms of physicality, Wilshere is still a strong technical player. He is an excellent passer and can unlock many defences with his vision.

10. Nigel De Jong

FM22 Nigel De Jong

A journeyman in footballing terms, De Jong has played for several big European clubs during his long career. De Jong most notably has won the Eredivisie with Ajax and the Premier League with Man City. His last professional season was at Al-Shahaniya in Qatar, and he finds himself without a club since. De Jong is one of the fittest players for his age in the game. He also has some of the best mental attributes for a midfielder. De Jong is a leader on and off the pitch and can be an amazing mentor to younger players. Despite being one of the oldest players on the list, De Jong could still offer 2 seasons at the highest level.

Best free agents - Strikers

Attackers are some of the most sought after players in football. This holds good even in Football Manager 2022, where scoring/setting up goals is of utmost importance to every manager.

1. Diego Costa

FM22 Diego Costa

The first and probably the most famous name on the strikers' list is Diego Costa. Costa was a high profile player, having played for several top clubs, including Atletico Madrid and Chelsea winning several trophies with them. After re-joining Atletico from Chelsea, Costa was not seen as much of a regular with Atletico. After a host of disciplinary problems, Costa moved back to Brazil via Atletico Mineiro. However, Costa terminated his contract with the club after playing for them just 19 times and is currently a free agent. Costa is currently 32 years old and still has amazing attributes in the game. With near perfect aggression and bravery attributes, Costa can still do the job as a Pressing forward capable of intimidating even the top defenders of the game.

2. Gervinho

FM22 Gervinho

Initially making a name for himself in France, Gervinho's big break came when he moved to Arsenal in the Premier League. After a mixed spell with the club, Gervinho enjoyed the best years of his football in Italy through Roma and later Parma. After terminating his contract with Trabzonspor, Gervinho finds himself a free agent. Gervinho still has decent attributes capable of making a difference for several sides in the game. Most importantly, he is still supremely fit and has very good physical attributes capable of competing with the best.

3. Ibai Gomez

FM22 Ibai Gomez

Ibai Gomez has spent most of his career in the La Liga, making a name for himself with clubs like Athletic Bilbao. After a relatively successful spell at Alaves, Gomez returned to Bilbao but was largely used as an impact player from the bench. After his contract ends, Gomez finds himself as a free agent. Gomez is still in his early 30s and still has very good attributes in the game. He particularly excels in the technical area of the game and is a master of set pieces. He can certainly make a difference to several sides and could be a popular free agent in the game.

4. Robert Beric

FM22 Robert Beric

Finding success at several Slovenian clubs, Beric enjoyed the best years of his career in the Austrian league and Ligue 1. After spending 5 seasons at St Etienne, Beric moved to Chicago Fire as a "designated player". After spending 2 seasons in the MLS, Beric had a contract extension declined by the club at the end of 2021 and finds himself a free agent. Still just 30, Beric has a lot to offer in the game. He has well-rounded attributes and is an able goalscorer. He is also strong aerially and can be a very good stop gap for several European clubs.

5. Burgui

FM22 Burgui

Burgui was a part of the Real Madrid academy during his early years. Having played for the C and B teams of Madrid, Burgui was never really able to break into the main team of Real Madrid. After spells at Gijon and Espanyol, Burgui had the longest spell of regular football at Alaves. After just making 1 league appearance in 2020-2021, Burgui was out of a contract. Still only 27, Burgui is very much capable of playing 3-4 seasons at the highest level. Burgui is a naturally versatile player and can comfortably play on both wings. His best attributes are his dribbling and flair, making him a hard target to mark.

6. Paolo Guerrero

FM22 Paolo Guerrero

Guerrero made his first senior appearance with Bayern Munich and, after a couple of seasons at the club, moved to Hamburg, where he enjoyed the best phase of his career, spending a successful 6 seasons at the club. He then moved to Corinthians and has played for a couple of other Brazilian clubs. Considered a legend in Peru, Guerrero has represented his nation an impressive 107 times. Guerrero only played 3 times in his final 2 seasons with Internacional. In the game, Guerrero has well-rounded attributes despite being 37. Although his physicals have waned drastically, Guerrero has very good mental and technical attributes. He can be a very good mentor for younger players and can still be a handy goalscorer from the bench for several sides.

7. Othman El Kabir

FM22 Othman El Kabir

Having spent a majority of his career in Sweden, El Kabir spent his last 3 seasons at Ural Yekaterinburg in the Russian league. Having run his contract down with the club, EL Kabir is now a free agent. El Kabir is still just 29 and is a very capable player in the game. He has good physicals and well rounded mental and technical attributes. Primarily a left winger, El Kabir can be played centrally or on the right. He can still be a top player for several lower tier sides and can be a bargain player considering that he is a free agent.

8. Joao Rojas

FM22 Joao Rojas

The 32-year-old played the majority of his football in Ecuador or Mexico. The best and longest spell of his career came with Cruz Azul in the Liga Mx, and he has won the Concaf once with the club. Having played his last 3 seasons in Brazil with Sao Paulo, Rojas finds himself without a club since the beginning of 2022. Rojas still has very well-rounded attributes in all 3 departments in the game. Primarily a winger, Rojas is a very strong dribbler and is a capable finisher. The former Ecuadorian international can still make a difference for several sides and can even be a real asset for managers managing South American clubs.

9. Romain Alessandrini

FM22 Romain Alessandrini

The Frenchman has had a journeyman of a career, having played in Europe, America and China. His best years, however, came at Rennes and Marseille. He, however, did move to the MLS during his prime and made quite the difference for LA Galaxy. Alessandrini spent the last 2 seasons of his career in the Chinese Super League and currently finds himself without a club. In the game, Alessandrini has well-rounded attributes in all 3 departments. He is a winger capable of playing on the left or right and is a strong dribbler. He is also an adept finisher and crosser capable of making a difference to several sides. He can be a very popular free agent after the database update.

10. Diego Tardelli

FM22 Diego Tardelli

The 36-year-old Brazilian Tardelli is the last player on our list of the best free agents. Tardelli has spent the majority of his career playing for several Brazilian sides but had a short stint in Europe and China. His best years have come for Atletico Mineiro, and he has won several trophies with the club. Having played his last season for Santos, Tardelli finds himself clubless currently. In the game, Tardelli has amazing technical and mental attributes. His physicals have waned with age, but Tardelli is still a capable goalscorer and can be an ideal mentor for younger strikers.


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Best Free Agents on Football Manager 2022 | FM22 Updated Database
We bring you a list of the best free agents, i.e. players without a contract with the club, after the database update on Football Manager 2022.
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