Football Manager 2015 Release Date

Football Manager 2015 Release Date

In this thread we'll keep you informed about Football Manager 2015 Release Date. All the speculations and confirmed info will be posted in here.

Football Manager 2015 Release Date and all previous Football Manager game's release dates are one of the most intriguing info's regarding the game.

Be sure to bookmark this page for future info and updates regarding FM15 release date.

We never get a straight up answer when will the latest release of the game be, but what we get are speculations, and more speculations.

With FM13 and FM14 SI introduced us to the BETA version concept, which is kind of a reward to the most devoted players, as you get to play the game up to a month before it gets officially released.

Will there be a BETA version for FM 2015? We sure do hope so. Even if it has it's bugs and crashes, but with the input of the FM community, most of them get fixed before the official release.

As always, our best guess for now is that FM 2015 will be released somewhere in November 2014.

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