OLT Expanded Hair Pack v4.0 - The Complete Edition


This magnificent hair pack for newgens is brought to you by OLT, member at Sports Interactive community forums. Newgens will never look the same once you install this!

I always thought there were way too few hairstyles to offer any variety in NewGens in the game, and while I rectified most of that problem with the previous three versions of my OLT Hairpack, I still feel more are needed.

I focused on ensuring all ethnic groups were represented in all colours and lengths in this version. In doing so I was hoping to eliminate the problem of "false balds", thinking they were the result of perhaps not having a hair available in the correct style.

While this update significantly reduces the "false balds" problem, it doesn't entirely eliminate it. So, I'm still trying to figure out what is going on there.

Here is a short breakdown of what V4 brings to the popular OLT Hair Pack:

Largest update ever:

This time I added more than 900 new hairs to the pack! 947 new ones, to be exact! Also, in addition to this - those are all truly unique. In the past I used to recolor a lot of hairs to add the same style in different colours. I don't do that any more. So a dark brown hair style will not have an identical match in light brown (of the new ones). That means that I actually cut 947 unique styles of hair this time. It's been a lot of work - but add so much more variety. It's worth it in the end!

All colours and lengths represented:

As I already said above - I've made sure that each ethnic group (afro, asian, euro and so forth) have hair images for all lengths (long, short, medium) and all colours within each of these lengths. It's kind of hard to find an Afro with long red hair, for example... but I've managed them all in the end! Reason I did this was that I was hoping the problem with "false balds" would go away. It didn't - not entirely. But the problem is MUCH smaller than it used to be, so you'll rarely see shirtless balds if using the shirts version, and the Default Replacements.

Bald players:

And, speaking of bald players. Let's talk about the "real balds". I've ensured these now appear with the shirt as well. They also come in a variety of styles, so that bald players can now have full beards, goatees, moustaches or earrings. There are even a couple of styles of spectacles and a small neck tattoo variety. I continue to try out new things to add to the variety, and I feel these things have really put some character to the players. These are very rare, also, so you won't be seeing them often. That's what makes it all the sweeter when you come across them.

New shirts:

Last year I introduced shirts on the players. I was never really happy with that dull grey t-shirt I put them in, and I always wanted to get a proper football jersey on them. I've been trying to figure out a way to add these with colour coding to represent the current team they're playing for, but I've come to the conclusion that this is not going to be possible the way things are set up right now. So, I went with one that I feel is neutral enough, and doesn't catch your attention too much. White with a blue trim. I feel it works tremendously well. Let me know how you guys feel about it, so I can keep that in mind for the future. Hopefully, colours won't be an issue, if ever there is a way of using colour coding... let's hope SI ;)
In addition to my Hair Pack, I also decided to offer an additional download to add shirts to the default hairs as well. It looks kind of weird if only players with my hairs get realistic shoulders, while the defaults still appear as heads on a stick. So make sure you get the default replacements as well!

In the future: 

Next time around I'll be focusing on replacing a lot of the hairs that are not up to snuff. Over the years that I've been doing this thing, I've learned a few tricks and I've become better at creating much more realistic hairs for the players. The more realistic the hair - the more realistic the whole player looks. So, while I've been focusing on numbers up until now, next update will probably not add that many to the hair count. However, it should ensure that no players have a bad hairday... well, they might - but not because the hair is poorly cut.

I still haven't given up on the idea of colour coded shirts, either. I'll continue to try and figure out a way to do this, since it would add so much to the game. There is a certain joy to looking at a player and seeing him in your team colours after you purchase his services.

I'll also continue to look into the "false bald" problem, and will do an update immediately if/when I figure this problem out.


Download here

- OLT Expanded Hair Pack v4.0
- OLT Expanded Hair Pack v4.0 (No Shirts) (Only download this if you don't want shirts on the players)
- OLT Default Replacements - Adds Shirts to the default hairs!

Newgens will never look the same once you install this!


Installation instructions

- Extract "olt hairpack" folder into the following directory:
- [YOUR FM INSTALL FOLDER*]\data\facegen\hair
- DO NOT OVERWRITE THE EXISTING ORIGINAL FOLDERS (afro, asian, euro, hispanic, mixed_race). You should have the "olt hairpack" folder in this directory IN ADDITION to the other ones, or you will mess up your game.

* Steam Users (default):
- C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2014
* Others (default):
- C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014

Note: In the facegen/hair folder, you should notice five folders already (afro, asian, euro, hispanic & mixed_race). These are the default hairs for the game. You should add the "olt hairpack" folder to those five in there so you don't write over the original hair styles. So DO NOT extract the "afro", "asian", "euro" & "hispanic" folders from within the "olt hairpack" folder directly into the "facegen/hair" folder. Extract the actual folder "olt hairpack" into this directory.

If you have a previous version of the OLT Hairpack installed, I recommend deleting the "olt hairpack" folder before installing the new one (all old hairstyles will still be there).

After installing this update you need to clear the cache and restart your game for them to take effect. So, go into Preferences/Interface and click the button "Clear Cache", then untick "use cache" and enable "reload on confirm". Then confirm and exit the game. Restart the game, and the new hairs should now be in effect. You can then safely return the settings to use caching for increased loading speed.



Author: O'Leary's Traine 

Original thread - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/372486-RELEASE-OLT-Expanded-Hair-Pack-v4.0-The-Complete-Edition



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Football Manager 2017 Blog: OLT Expanded Hair Pack v4.0 - The Complete Edition
OLT Expanded Hair Pack v4.0 - The Complete Edition
Football Manager 2017 Blog
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