How To Add Shortlist in FM 2014

FM14 How to Add Shortlist

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial for those who are wondering on how to add a shortlist file to their Football Manager 2014.

Shortlist button is not where it used to be in FM13, and people got a bit confused on how to add custom shortlist files to their FM 2014. We’re here to solve the confusion about it.

Normally, we’ll have to start from the very beginning. Let’s say you’ve already downloaded your preferred shortlist file somewhere from the web, now you’ll have to move it to the following locations:

Windows platform users:

C:\ Users \ <username> \Documents \Sports Interactive \Football Manager 2014 \ shortlists \

Mac platform users:

/ Users / <username> / Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2014 / shortlists /

Please note that if there is no ‘shortlists’ folder at this destination, simply right click in the folder > make new folder > name it ‘shortlists’ (without the quotations).


Start your FM14 and follow these steps

Step 1

Click on your personal Drop-Down menu > ‘Shortlist’

Step 1

Step 2

On the shortlist window click on Shortlist button > ‘Load Shortlist…’

Step 2

Step 3

On the pop-up window select your desired shortlist and hit Select button.

Step 3

And that is it. Number of players shown on the shortlist may vary from the one that the author stated there would be, depending on your scouting and knowledge area. Better your scouting and knowledge area are, more players will be shown in the shortlist.

See our Best Scouts in FM14 guide to improve your scouting and knowledge area at the club.

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