FM14 Hints and Tips - Unsorted

FM14 Hints and Tips - Unsorted

Unsorted or misc hints and tips for Football Manager 2014. See what else is in FM14. Also containing Team Talks and Player Interaction hints and tips.

Also same as last year, we’ll separate beginner and advanced hints and tips.


Beginner level Player Interaction hints & tips

It is possible to check on your fans' confidence. This can be an important indication of whether your team is heading in the right direction and producing the expected results.


Advanced level Player Interaction hints & tips

A player is more likely to agree to a rest if he is starting to feel jaded, especially after a tough prolonged period of games.

When resting a player, choose the length of rest carefully as many players don't enjoy being out of action for too long.

Parent clubs are more open to accepting loan offers from their feeder clubs than other teams.

Players at parent clubs are more open to accepting loan offers from feeder clubs where a loan agreement exists between the teams.

During an impending board takeover, an enforced transfer embargo will prevent clubs from signing new players until the takeover is complete.

Criticising referees too often could land you a touchline ban, forcing you to leave the next match in the hands of your Assistant Manager.

You can move any player into your Reserve team squad by selecting 'Squad' and 'Reserve Squad' from their actions menu or from their right-click actions menu.

You can request that your Assistant Manager compiles a list of potential loan targets for a position within your team by visiting the squad screen and clicking 'Get Advice from Staff' and then selecting a position from the 'Get Loan Player Recommendations' dropdown menu.

You can see a detailed form breakdown for any player in your squad by selecting the 'Stats' tab and then the 'Form' sub-tab.

You can get feedback on the effectiveness of your team talks either by selecting 'Reports' from your Assistant Manager's profile screen and then 'Team Talk Feedback', or selecting the same option from the 'Last Match' option on the 'Team Report' screen.

You can request a coach or a scout report on any player by selecting 'Scouting' from their actions menu and then clicking 'Coach/Scout Report'. If a report has already been filed, the 'Reports' tab will already be active for that player. This is also the case for any player at the team you are currently managing.

You can take control of your reserve and/or youth teams at any time by visiting the 'Staff Responsibilities' screen and clicking the 'Control Team' box on the appropriate team's sub-tab.

You can move a player to an affiliated club by visiting their actions menu and selecting 'Squad' and 'Move to Affiliate' before choosing the desired team.

You can offer any non-player a role amongst your international team's backroom staff by selecting the 'National Team' action menu from their profile and choosing the desired role.

You can view the international world rankings by selecting the 'World' menu, followed by 'Overview' and 'World', and finally the 'Nations' tab and the 'World Rankings' sub-tab option.

As an international manager, you can keep up with how potential call-ups and current squad players are faring at club level by selecting 'Request Match Reports' from the 'National Team' menu on their player profile.

You can request an injury report from your physio by selecting 'Get Update on Injured Players' from the 'More Actions' menu on their profile.

You view statistical information and a post-career biography of any high-profile retired player by visiting the 'Retirements' screen from the 'World' menu. You can also use the search option to check if the player has been retained and can be viewed in retirement.

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