Best Tactic For Any Team In Football Manager 2013

Best Tactic For Any team In Football Manager 2013

This year our ‘Best Tactic For Any Team In Football Manager 2013’ is coming a little bit late, but believe us when we say that this one was worth a wait.



4 people, 4 leagues, 4 clubs and 1.400+ hours of gameplay to produce what is the best tactic for any team in Football Manager 2013. Was it worth it, it most certainly was!

Imagine a granite defence from Bayern, Barcelona's midfield creativity and BvB attacking play… All of this mixed into one tactic, sounds impossible? But believe us, it’s more than possible.

Believe us when we say that sometimes it almost seemed to us as we were using a cheat, when in fact, the tactic is just pure brilliance, it’s godlike!


Philosophy behind the tactic

We wanted to create a tactic with which you would not receive goals, but you would score a bunch in the opposition net. Sounds easy, but tweaking and twisting it to perfection wasn’t.

So this in fact is highly attacking and possession tactic, but it’s success lays in the defence. As people say; ‘Defence is the best offense!’. We took that philosophy, and incorporated it in this tactic.

Hardest part in making this tactic was to find the right balance between the Defenders/Midfielders and Midfielders/Attackers, so that you don’t get overrun by the opposition in any part of the field.

Originally, base tactic used in creating this one was Conte’s Juventus tactic. The one he used in season 12/13 to win Seria A without a loss. More about that in a bit.


The ‘Godlike’ tactic

Godlike tactic For FM13

Screenshot on the left was taken from Juventus team, really similar to original Juve 3-5-2 tactic, but with a little twist.

Originally, in Juve’s 3-5-2 tactic, you play with DMC, position which was reserved for Pirlo.

In our tactic, DMC position was replaced with AMC, you can see Kovacic in the position of AMC (Advanced Playmaker) on the left picture.

Is it same as Juve’s 3-5-2? In some parts, yes. But to be honest, it’s completely different regarding the mentality and philosophy.



Team instructions

Image 006

Style: Very Fluid

With this philosophy, all players are expected to contribute to all phases of play within a very fluid system.

The team will be encouraged to play free-flowing football with players allowed high levels of creative freedom.

Match Strategy: Attacking

Also you can use ‘Controlling’  or even ‘Balanced’ match strategy, it will work best if you’re not a favourite to win your forthcoming match. But ideally, use ‘Attacking’ strategy whenever possible.

Passing Style: More Direct / Tempo: Quick

Direct passing to a teammate in a more attacking position. Passing and tempo are related, so you’ll have to play quick tempo with direct passing in order for this tactic to work.

Closing Down / Marking /Tackling / Defensive Line

This 4 components are the backbone of this tactic. So whatever changes you might make, keep this 4 factors intact. Without them you can’t make this tactic work.

Crossing / Roaming

Your players will aim their crosses into the near post, rather then try to cross it to the far post. This will get you higher percentage of successful crosses made by your players.

If you have a bunch of players who have high ‘Off The Ball’ and ‘Creativity’ attributes, then leave roaming to roam more. If this is not the case in your team, then set it to default and set roam more instruction to players who have these two attributes.


Tactic results


Image 004

Team: Juventus. Duration: 5 seasons. Win percentage of 80%, 802 goals scored, only 173 conceded in 302 matches. Won – 244, Drn – 36, Lst –22.

32 5 consecutive Serie A titles, 1301412 5 TIM Cups, 1301414 5 Super Cups.

1301394 4 UEFA Champions Leagues, 1301397 4 UEFA Super Cups, 121092 3 World Club


Image 007

Team: Porto. Duration: 2 seasons. Win percentage of 74%, 233 goals scored, 71 conceded in 117 matches. Won – 87, Drn – 13, Lst – 17.

60 2 Liga Zon Sagres, 1301421 2 Taca de Portugal, 55006606 1 Portugese League Cup

1301394 1 UEFA Champions League, 1301396 1 UEFA Europa League, 1301397 2 Super Cup


Image 008

Team: Arsenal. Duration: 2 seasons. Win percentage of 64%, 200 goals scored, 79 conceded in 110 matches. Won – 71, Drn – 21, Lst – 18.

11 1 Premier League, 13014261 FA Cup, 1301394 1 Champions League, 1301397 1 Super Cup



Image 009

Team: Metalist. Duration: 2 seasons. Win percentage of 71%, 178 goals scored, 55 conceded in 102 matches. Won – 73, Drn – 17, Lst – 12.

5314301 2 Ukrainian Premier Leagues, 5314307 Ukrainian Cup, 53208072 Ukr Super Cups

1301394 1 Champions League, 1301396 UEFA Europa League, 1301397 2 Super Cups


Shouts to use

Image 002

Use this set of shouts before the game starts. Go to Your Team’s Dropdown Menu > Tactics > Shouts, set it as shown in the pictures and save.

Image 003

Once you grab the lead use this set of shouts. Best to use them late in the game, from 75'-80’ ideally. Once set, your players will take a breather and take a more cautious approach to the game.


Download the tactic

To download this tactic you’ll need to disable AdBlock if you have any installed on your browser. We spent more than 1.400 hours of our time to make this tactic perfect.

All we’re asking from you is a minute of your time. You’ll need to complete one free offer in order to get the link, and by doing so you’ll contribute to our site.

Size: 1,100 KB | Hosted since: 03/08/2013

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