English Audio Commentary For Football Manager 2013

Audio Commentary for Football Manager 2013

If you want to have a commentary for your FM13, then look no further. In-detail tutorial how to add perfectly working commentary to your matches in Football Manager 2013.

It is one of the most requested features for our favourite footy simulation, but never have guys from SI made it possible. Well luckily for us, we have such an amazing community that made this happen.

Man that is behind this and who deserves all the credit is MBarbaric. He posted this mod originally for Football Manager 2012 on Sports Interactive community forum.



While your out of the box FM has around 80 sound files with crowd reactions and referee's whistle sounds, this audio commentary patch has around 4200 lines of audio commentary that describes various situations in game.

Around 80% of 1062 events that can occur during the game have their own line, to be more precise, between 3 and 50 audio commentary lines that describe them.

Anything from sending off, substitution, hat trick, injury, pleas for penalties, all of them will be mentioned. Commentators will notice when your opposition will pull back to play more defensively or push up to tear you apart if they are losing in last minutes. They will notice when somebody has a good game or a poor one and they will point out things that often go unnoticed in that text commentary on the bottom of the screen.

Is it perfect? Of course not, but it is much better than you would expect it to be. Nevertheless it has problems. Due to limitations in the game, commentaries do overlap more than we would like it. But, it is inevitable as SI would have to recode the game to prevent one commentary popping up over another to stop this.

Commentators that you’ll hear during your match time are Peter Brackley and Trevor Brooking, originally they commentary for PES football series.



As this mod was originally created for FM12, we had to find a way how to make it work for FM13 as well. It’s a bit tricky, but if you want commentary in your game then do as we wrote here.

1) Backup original files

First, backup the original files from FM that you are going to replace with patched ones.

Go to your FM installation folder: steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2013\data\events

Here backup two files you will find in this folder: events.cfg and match_sounds.cfg. Save these somewhere where you will find them if something goes wrong.

Now go to: steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2013\data\sounds\

Here backup folder "default" and save it somewhere where you will find it if something goes wrong.

2) Extract the content you downloaded

After you have backed up your original files, you can replace them with patched ones. Extract the folders from Audio_Commentary_Patch_FM2012_V1_0 on your desktop.

3) Replace the original files

Go to: C:\Users\XXXXXXXX\Desktop\Audio_Commentary_Patch_FM2012\Football Manager 2012\data\events

Copy two files you will find there to your FM installation folder:
steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2013\data\events

Now, go back where you have extracted the patch:
C:\Users\XXXXXXXX\Desktop\Audio_Commentary_Patch_FM2012_V1_0\Football Manager 2012\data\sounds

And copy whole folder "default" into FM installation folder:
steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2013\data\sounds

You’ll have to do this procedure to all updates FM13 has! So basically replace “events” and “sounds” folder in steam\steamapps\common\football manager\data\updates\

Replace all original folders with patched ones, from update 1301 – 1333.

4) Start Football Manager 2013

When it is loaded go to Preferences, hit display and sound tab, and make sure "play sounds" is ticked as well.

5) Turn on your volume and enjoy the game


See and hear this patch in action

| Size: 357,00 MB | Hosted since: 19/07/2013



Once again, all credits go to MBarbaric, man who made all this possible.

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