Jose Mourinho vs David Moyes – Game of Manchester United

Jose Mourinho vs David Moyes Man UTD

Here we go! Jose Mourinho vs David Moyes in a FM simulation as Man UTD managers. Let’s find out who will be a better pick between the two. Also, Sir Alex Ferguson is set as a Director of Football.

There has been a lot of speculation of who will take charge at Manchester United once Sir Alex Ferguson retires from the game, and two names are most often mentioned in the press, names of current Real Madrid manager Jose ‘The Special One’ Mourinho and David ‘The Chosen One’ Moyes, current manager at Everton.

So out of fun, we decided to make a little FM simulation with two different scenarios. In one Jose would lead Man UTD, and the other obviously is David Moyes as Man UTD manager. We edited them both as managers, and let the game roll for one season. Also, we added Sir Alex Ferguson as a Director of Football at United. So let’s find out who does the game prefer better.


David Moyes season at Manchester United

David Moyes Manchester United Manager

So in our simulation, David Moyes had enjoyed great success in his first season at Old Trafford. Big shoes to fill but he did that great. He added 21st league title, and brought FA trophy back „home“ after 9 years. Lost in Champions League Semifinals to City, and defeated against QPR in 3rd round of the League Cup.

Two big summer signings, Sandro from Tottenham for £19M, and last day “panic buy” of David Alaba for £17.5M. He managed to sell Anderson for £9M to PSG and got rid of Utd boy Cleverly to Tottenham for £12.75M. Not a busy transfer window for Red Devils as he had faith in the current Man Utd squad.

He played a 4-2-3-1 attacking style which resulted in scoring 76 goals for and 31 against, 24 victories, 10 draws and only 4 defeats. His home record was not so good, but playing away was brilliant with only 1 loss against QPR. In matches with top 4 rivals he only lost against City 2:1 at Old Trafford. He holds almost perfect score with Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. Interesting though that in 2 matches against Everton he managed to get two 1:1 draws.

Moyes tactic with Man UTD

Regarding players he did rotate his squad with no one playing all Premier League matches. David De Gea had 37 with 31 goals conceded, keeping 16 clean sheets. Sandro played the most 35 contributing with 9 goals and 5 assists. Solid performance for MC but with only 7,18 average rating. Combination of Rooney in AMC and rotation of RVP and Chicarito as attackers scored 37 goals in Premier League, Rooney 16, RVP 15, Hernandez 6, but with already mentioned Sandro, Alaba (who often played as MC) and Young snatched 7 goals for themselves. In all competitions the “trio” scored 57 goals. Rooney was the best assistant with 12 assists followed by Carrick with 11. Best player of the campaign was Rooney with average rating of 7,67.

Interesting though is that Moyes did not use Smalling and Phil Jones as much as some other players, Jones only 16 starting appearances and Smalling 19 In all competitions. Hard rock in the defense, and also captain of the team was Nemanja Vidić with solid contribution as a Moyes hand on the pitch.

He won Premier League with 2 points gap in front of the Arsenal and 8 points in front of third placed City. He also took FA cup to Old Trafford but let’s be honest he did not have a tough competition due to bad performances from top 5 clubs. He obviously didn’t care for League Cup as he got relegated in Man Utd first match against QPR. And it was fine performance in Champions League. 1st Group stage finish with 1 defeat. Gladbach and Chelsea knocked out, City in semifinals but with 0:0 at Etihad and 2:2 on Old Trafford City went through to be defeated by Bayern Munich in the final. Biggest win was against Norwich 5:0 and “biggest” defeat was against West Ham, City and Fulham all finished 2:1.


Jose Mourinho season at Manchester United

Jose Mourinho as Man UTD manager

Despite that he is a much ‘larger’ name in football world, Jose Mourinho didn’t do so well as David Moyes in his first season as Utd manager. Not a single title won, finished 3rd in the Premier league, and knocked out from every major cup competition, more about that later on.

Believe it or not, but Mourinho like David Moyes, also brought Sandro from Tottenham for £19.5M and David Alaba from FC Bayern for £18M, a total of £37.5M transfer spent. And just like Moyes, he managed to sell Cleverly to Tottenham for £12.75M and Anderson to Juventus for £9M. So also, it would seem that Mourinho had faith in Man UTD squad.

He played a 4-2-3-1 balanced style which in return resulted in scoring 66 goals scored and 39 conceded, 23 victories, 4 draws and 11 loses in English Premier Division. He finished 3rd both looking the table for just home games and away. So the battle for English Premier League goes to David Moyes.

Mourinhos tactic with Man UTD

He also rotated his squad during the season. David De Gea suprisengly started 24 matches in the league, conceding 16 goals and keeping his clean sheet in 14 matches. Sandro started the most, with 36 appearances, adding 4 goals and assists, with an average rating of 7.04. His attacking trio Javier Hernandez, Wayne Rooney and RVP scored 27 goals in Premier League, Chicarito 10, Rooney 9 and RVP 8. Surprisingly, best scorer was none of the mentioned attackers, but Ashley Young, who played mostly as AML and scoring 13 goals in EPL. For of them combined scored 61 goals in all competitions. Player with most assists was Wayne Rooney with 16 assists made in all competitions. And the highest average rated player was Michael Carrick with 7.66.

He finished 3rd in EPL, 13 points behind the winners City, and just 1 point behind 2nd placed Liverpool. Arsenal came well in 4th place trailing 5 points behind. He was eliminated in FA Cup Semi Final against Stoke, losing 1:0 in regular time. And was also knocked out League Cup against Man City in Qtr Final, losing the game 3:1 in extra time. Not a great run in Champions League either, finishing 2nd behind Benfica, and later on got knocked out in the quarter final to PSG, 4:3 the aggregate score.



It would seem that United squad didn’t really well adapt the style of play that Mourinho brought with him. Maybe he would be a good choice if he stayed for a long period. But knowing Mourinho, he’d most probalby leave the squad after 2 or 3 seasons, as he always does.

So in general conclusion, David Moyes is definitely, at least for me a true red devil, the best choice for SAF replacement, and who knows maybe in a decade we’ll talk about Sir David Moyes.

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