FM13 Crush Dump FIX

FM13 Crush Dump Fix

Crush dump is the worst nightmare of every Football Manager player ever. Nothing in this world is perfect, and the same goes for our favourite footy simulation. Every now and then, we encounter the crash dump and freak our minds out, so now let us try and fix this annoying problem once and for all.

First of, what is a crash dump? It’s a generic name for any type of crash you encounter when running FM, and basically all crush dumps are files that contain information to what kind of crash you have. Deleting these files will most definitely not solve your crush dump problems.

So what is there to do then?

First, we’ll try to resolve this situation by removing any custom graphics/logos/skins/faces etc that you might have added to your game. After removing such files, try playing your game and see if the crush dump occurs again.

If removing custom added graphics to your game didn’t solve your crush dump problems, then try one of the following:

  • Deleting your settings files
  • Verifying your game cache
  • Changing from GPU rendering


Deleting your settings files

To delete your cache outside of the game, please do the following:

Firs of all you need to turn on hidden files and folders.

For XP users: My Computer » ‘Tools’ » ‘Folder Options’ » Then go to the ‘View’ tab and select ‘Show hidden files and folder’

For Win Vista & 7 users: My Computer »  ‘Organize’ » ‘Folder and Search Options’ » Then go to ‘View’ tab and select ‘Shoe hidden files and folders’

Once your hidden files and folders are enabled (visible), delete the following:

For XP users: My Computer » ‘Documents and Settings\\Application Data\ » ‘Sports Interactive’ » ‘Football Manager 2013’ » Delete the ‘cache’ folder found inside here.

For Win Vista & 7 users: Start » click on your username on the start menu » AppData »  Roaming » Sports Interactive » Delete the ‘Football Manager 2013’ Folder.


Verifying your game cache

1. Load Steam

2. From the Library section, right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu.

3. Select the Local Files tab and click the ‘VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAMECACHE…’ button.

4. Steam will verify the game’s files – this process may take several minutes to complete.

5. Once the process is completed, the Check Window will automatically exit.

6. It’s recommended that you verify your cache twice to make sure all files are fully downloaded.

FM 13 Crush dump problem fix


Changing from GPU rendering

This can be done in the preferences of your FM game, under ‘Interface –> Interface Rendering Mode.’

Change it form GPU assisted to Software.

If you for some reason cannot access your preferences in the game, then press and hold:

ALT + SHIFT + F10 all at the same time.



If none of that worked, then you should create your OWN thread within Sports Interactive Tech Issues/Crashes sub-forum which can be found here – SI Tech sub-forum

Within this thread you’ll need to tell the tech guys, when exactly does the game crash. Is it always on the same date, or is it random? Have you used any type of editing tool? If so, what changes did you make? If your crash is always on the same date and the above steps haven’t helped, then you’ll need to upload your save game to their FTP (file transfer protocol) and let them know the files name and date it crashes within your own thread. FTP details here -

Once this has been done, a member of Sports Interactive technical team will be able to reply to your thread and attempt to resolve your issue.

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