FM 2013 Wonderkid - Raphael Varane

FM13 Wonderkid Review - Raphael Varane

Mourinho’s hero from the last EL Clasico, Raphale Varane. Let’s see what does this Wonderkid have to offer in Football Manager 2013.

First we’ll check his starting ability in FM13

Raphaël Varane_ Overview Attributes

Good starting attributes for this promising Central Defender. Most important Heading 15, Marking 16, Tackling 14, Concentration 13. Plus, he’s fairly tall 191 cm, which means he’ll be dominating in air for your team.


Scout report from Pantaleo Corvino from Barcelona

Raphaël Varane_ Reports Scout Report

Great recommendation from our scout Corvino. Rated him with 4 stars and said he should be regarded as an important player should we decide to sign him. Regarding his Current Ability, Corvino reckons he would be a good signing for most teams in Spain. Where his Potential Ability could lead him to becoming a leading central defender in the future. No surprises there.

Estimated Cost – £9.5M – According to Genie Scout

Wage Demands - £275K p/m - £350K p/m

Main Strength – Aerial Ability Main Weakness – Speed Personality – Resiliant
Specific Strength – Consistency Specific Weakness – Acceleration Team Personality – Professional


Positional Abilities

Raphaël Varane_ Overview Information


Player development in 8 years

Raphaël Varane_ Overview Attributes-2

He developed quite nicely, and quite honest we expected this. Most significant changes are noticable in his Mental Attributes.


Career Stats and Injuries History through 8 years

Raphaël Varane_ History Career Stats

Raphaël Varane_ History Injuries

Constant performer with Av. Rating near 7. We expected a bit better performance from him than he has provided, but do to the fact he was not managed by a real player but an AI manager it doesn’t surprise us so much.

Not injury proneness, which is always good, some minor set backs, but nothing that would regress his career.


Our verdict on Raphael Varane:

Great young defender, if you’re looking for a future replacement or maybe a for an imidiate player that will strengthen your defensive line, than look no further than this player.   OUR RATING: 4.5 stars

If you want to find more perspective players like Raphael in Football Manager 2013, then we suggest downloading our Wonderkids and perspective young players shortlist.

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