Football Manager Tactics | The Premier Guide to FM 2013 - Review

The Premier Guide to FM 2013

Think you know everything there is to Football Manager 2013? Well think again… We’re presenting you “The Premier Guide to FM 2013”, all you need to know and much more about FM13…

First we’ll ask the authors of this great guide few questions related to Football Manager and to the guide itself. Here’s what Iacopo, Joey and Neil had to say:

FMBlog: Who are the authors of the guide and can you tell us something about yourselves?                  

FM-Tactics: The authors of the guide are Iacopo von Wunster, Joey Roth, and a foreword by Neil White. Iacopo is an Italian kid, currently studying at the London School of Economics. He grew up in Italy, and like most Italians he loves soccer as much as he eats spaghetti. He is, unfortunately for him, an Inter fan, which means that he saw his team win no title until he was 13. However, all suffering was made up as Mourinho pushed Inter to win the only triplete in Italian history in 2010. Iacopo has always been a fan of football, and of football video games and has played numerous versions of FIFA, PES and FM.

Joey on the other hand is this guy from California who supports Man City. Experienced in writing videogame strategy guides, Joey has written the #1 best selling strategy guides for FIFA 12 & 13.

Neil White is the co-author of Football Manager Stole My Life.

FMBlog: How and when did you come up with an idea to make a guide on FM 2013?                            

FM-Tactics: Everyday I was receiving dozens of positive reviews for my FIFA guide. There was a demand from my customer base to write a guide for FM. That's when we put our head down, and got to work. Trying to deliver a guide that will greatly enhance your enjoyment while playing the game. We were playing the game in our college dorm rooms and everyone was asking what kind of game it was.

FMBlog: Your personal opinion on FM13?                                                                                          

FM-Tactics: Football Manager 2013 is a great game, and like I wrote at the very beginning of the guide, I believe it is the best football managing game ever. We all love the FM classic feature and have actually found ourselves using it beyond learning all of it to write the guide. We find that this is simply makes the game more available and enjoyable by a larger crowd, thereby including most soccer fans rather than just the nerds. This is also one of the reasons we felt a need for the guide, as we imagined a large number of new players coming to play the game because of the availability of this new feature. We particularly love the design and UI of the game, especially when you think about how easy they make most of the thousands of features included in the game available to the user and how big of an improvement this is compared to previous versions. However, we expected a little more from the brand new game engine as the games watching quality is still nowhere close to games such as FIFA or PES.

FMBlog: In your own words tell us what can we expect from this guide?                                               

FM-Tactics: This guide was especially designed to help those new-comers to the game, but also to enhance an advanced player's results. For the new-comers, we include full explanations on how the user interface works and very often also the implications of the decisions that each player will have to make throughout the game. We go through all the basic things every player should know so that each new-player can actually play the game like it's supposed to be played. Also, we definitely give tips simply to make your game better, as there is absolutely some hidden tricks you should use when creating your game strategy. But on top of all these, there is advanced tactics for even the most advanced players. Each chapter starts explaining the basic concepts around its main topic and builds up to more advanced stuff. It is also helpful for many advanced players who are switching to FM13 from older versions, as we focus on new features. Also, in two of our chapters we included "big mistakes" sub-sections, things that actually many advanced-players wrongly do, and may hurt their performance.

Something else that you should definitely know is that we love tips and comments from our customers. We believe that only by constantly working with them to make things better can we really write the best and most useful guides.


Now let’s see what this guide has to offer, our review…

This guide is an interesting reading, that can be easily swallowed and quickly absorbed. The guide itself has 60 pages, full of great information that is much needed to every FM player. In addition to being full of super useful information, within it you will also find a variety of images that will be of great benefit. Any information in this guide is described in great detail, so you will be fully informed about all aspects of wonderful game that is Football Manager 2013.

Now let's look more closely at what exactly can be found in this guide. To give you a better insight of what you can expect from this guide, we decided to quote some of the most interesting parts, and also show you a couple of pictures, of course, for this we have full permission of the author.


New Features in FM13

The first thing you will come across, and also what impressed us from the start is a full description of all the new features in FM 2013.

You'll find full descriptions of the new Football Manager Classic mode, and the authors of the book will describe in detail how to use the Match Plan.FMC 2013 Match Plan

“When you decide to use this mode, we strongly recommend using a match plan. This so called “match plan” is a kind of strategy that automatically kicks in, taking into account a number of different situations.

For example, you can choose what substitutions and what tactic changes to make if your team is losing with 20 minutes to go by 2 goals, or if your team is leading by 3 goals at the end of the first half. You can even choose to set-up different expectations for different matches.”

Next you'll run into, are the detailed descriptions of the challenges that are also a new feature in Football Manager 2013. Of course, along with a description of each challenge, the authors also noted which clubs are best to play to obtain the best possible result.

Furthermore, did you know that in the new Football Manager there is a huge amount of new shortcut? You did not? To be completely honest, we even didn’t know about some of them.New Shortcuts FM 2013

“Football Manager 2013 includes a number of new keyboard short-cuts, but unfortunately some of them are different from previous versions.

However, if you don’t have time, don’t worry, we have put together a list of some of the most important ones for you…”


There are still many things that are super interesting, but we will not go into detail about them now, so we will just enumerate some of the most important, like: new way of comparing two players and staff, national league updates, player prices and countries tax rates, press interviews and so on…


Best part, in our humble opinion, Tactics Guide for FM13

Oh yes, this book contains everything you need to know about tactics in Football Manager 2013. You will learn all about the basics of tactics before you find out all what you need to improve in order to create the best tactics for your team.

Authors will also reveal which are the best tactics in Football Manager 2013.

For example, 4-4-2 or the so called Mr Popular:4-4-2 Mr Popular FM 2013

“The 4-4-2 is the most popular formation. It has been used by a huge variety of teams, and continues to be widely used. The reason it is so popular lies in its balance.

It provides you with a 4 men midfield, covered by a 4 men defense to fuel 2 strikers who will be joined by some of the midfielders. This makes it difficult for your opponent to quickly get forward as it does not allow many wide-open spaces.

This formation also allows a great scattering of your players around the pitch, which should make it easier for your players to do better ball possession.

The weakness of the 4-4-2 formation shown in above deals with the fact that it is quite horizontal, meaning that it may be hard to get the ball forward easily. To solve this, you can tweak the formation to some different types, as shown in the next point…”

Of course, the authors will take you to the finest detail to inform you all you need to know exactly about the particular tactic. And in addition to the previously mentioned 4-4-2 tactic, in this guide you will be able to find out all about tactics such as; Mourinhos' Masterpiece, Vertical Strength, The Pussy, and so on… Each description has a handful of images for better understanding of the tactics.

Authors will also alert you to big mistakes that you do when you set your tactics in the game. But also they’ll show you what is most important when setting up your team's game.

This part with the tactics in the book was the most interesting to us, and we are sure that it will also be very interesting to you. You'll learn many things that maybe you did not know about tactics, and you'll remember some of the things that you maybe have forgotten by now, which is also useful.


Other useful stuff you can find in The Premier Guide to FM 2013

We could go on and on about this excellent guide, but we do not want to reveal any more info. Instead we will mention just some of the great things you'll find in this guide, and they are;

  • Scouting – The Basics, List of the Best Scouts in the game, Advices on Scouting
  • Wonderkids and The Best Free Players – Players Lists
  • Negotiations – Finding the Right Player, Evaluating the Attributes, Making an Offer, Big Mistakes

After we have praised this truly excellent guide so much, we are left with no alternative but to recommend you to buy this it for just 9.99 pounds. We are sure that you will not regret it, and with newly gained knowledge from this book you will raise your game to a whole new level.



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Football Manager 2017 Blog: Football Manager Tactics | The Premier Guide to FM 2013 - Review
Football Manager Tactics | The Premier Guide to FM 2013 - Review
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