FM 2013 Wonderkid – Gokhan Tore

FM13 Wonderkid Review - Gokhan Tore

Back to reviewing wonderkids in FM 2013, and it’s time for young Turkish star, Gokhan Tore. Take a look what have we found out about this young prospect.

First we’ll check his starting ability in FM13

Gökhan Töre_ Overview Attributes

Gokhan’s main position or natural position, which ever you prefer, is Winger in a Support Duty. By the looks of his starting attributes, we can conclude that this is one really good young player. All of his attributes for this position are exceptional.


Scout report from Pantaleo Corvino from Barcelona:

Gökhan Töre_ Reports Scout Report

Our scouts evaluation on Gokhan is quite solid. Pantaleo’s recommendation is that Gokhan would be a good signing for Barca, which in our opinion is fairly good if we consider that at this position Barca has some of the biggest football names. Regarding his Current Ability, Pantaleo believes that Gokhan would be a good signing for most teams in LIGA BBVA. Finally, regarding his Potential Ability, Pantaleo reckons that Gokhan’s potential could lead to him becoming a leading right winger in the future.

Estimated Cost – £22M - £29M

Wage Demands - £275K p/m - £350K p/m

Main Strength – Speed Main Weakness – Intelligence Personality – Balanced
Specific Strength – Important Matches Specific Weakness – Decisions Team Personality – Professional


Player development in 8 years:

Gökhan Töre_ Overview Attributes-2

No significant change in attributes, most of them stayed the same. So we can’t really say that he progressed much. But also, bare in mind he was not managed by a real player, but by AI manager. Only remotely significant progress can be seen in Mental Attributes.


Career Stats and Injuries History through 8 years:

Gökhan Töre_ History Career Stats

Gökhan Töre_ History Injuries

Average performance, nothing special and significant noticed through his career. To be fairly honest, we did expect more from such a pacey player, at least more assist to his name.

Regarding his Injury proneness, we can see that Gokhan rarely ever gets injured, which of course is a good thing. There was only one major injury in his career, a torn hamstring, that kept him of the pitch for 3 months.


Our verdict on Gokhan Tore:

Well, we can’t say that we’re overjoyed with Gokhan. We expected a lot more from such a pacey winger. At least that he’ll assist more. High estimated cost is also a minus in his case, £22M - £29M  is way to much.   OUR RATING: 3 stars


How would you rate this player?


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