Barcelona Tiki-taka Tactic For FM13

Barcelona Tiki Taka tactic Football Manager 2013

Once again we’re presenting you the best possible tactic for FM13. Last years Barcelona Tiki-taka tactic had more than 50K downloads and was by far the one of the most popular posts ever made from our side. This year we’ll try to break that number by giving you even better tactic.

What is tiki-taka?

Tiki-taka  is a style of play in association football that has evolved from Total Football and is characterised by short passing and movement, working the ball through various channels, and maintaining possession. The style is primarily associated with La Liga club FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team under managers Luis Aragonés and Vicente del Bosque and also Pep Guardiola, ex-manager of FC Barcelona.

Tiki-taka in Football Manager 2013

Now we’ll take a look how does this tactic work in Football Manager 2013. First of, let's start with the formation.

Formation of Barcelona’s tactic in Football Manager 2013

As it’s precursor from FM2012 this tactic is also in 4-3-3 formation.

First let's start with full-backs. They are really important for this tactic to work, as they will be often helping out in attacking actions, plus they can even cut inside the opposition penalty area and score some goals themselves.

Next, defensive midfielder. Player who will be mostly here to disrupt opposition attacks and play short simple passes to more creative players upfront.

Now the heart and soul of this tactic, two central midfielders. They are the most important part of this formation. They hold the team together and make sure to execute every attacking move as best as possible.

Great part of this team are also the inside forwards, make sure you have pacey players on these positions, with good passing and preferably good dribbling skills.

Finally, the main executioner of chances, the “trequartista”. He will be your main man to score goals, as he will possibly find himself in most of the chances and therefore score most goals in your team. Be sure to have a good finisher with high composure attribute on this position.

F.C. Barcelona_ Tactics Overview

Team instructions

This is an attacking fluid tactic, so we’ll set it just that way.

So the style will be fluid, meaning that with this philosophy, players are expected to contribute to more phases of play.

The team is split into broad attacking and defensive units with the more creative players responsible for the attacking phase and the more defensively disciplined players responsible for the defensive phase. However, players from each unit are expected to move into the transition phase when the right opportunity arises. The team will be encouraged to play more flowing football with players allowed more creative freedom.

Strategy attacking, meaning that we’ll be focusing heavily on getting players forward and into space and allow them creative freedom to express themselves. 
Passing will be set to short, creative freedom will be more expressive, closing down will be set to press more, and roaming will be set to roam more, this will be especially applied to the attacking players in your team, the inside forwards and the trequartista.

note We also tweaked all individual player instructions so that this tactic produces even better results for you. But we’ll not be going in details with this, and if you want to know how are they set, then please download the tactic yourself. Also, this tactic doesn't have a designated playmaker nor it has a target man.

F.C. Barcelona_ Tactics Team

Results with Barcelona tactic in FM13

We played one season with this tactic and the results were astonishing. Winning Spanish LIGA BBVA with just one game lost and great goal difference, and also dominating European scene by winning UEFA Champions League against Olympique Lyonnais in the final match, beating in the process high rep teams like Manchester United, PSG, Juventus etc. And also winning Spanish Cup against Valencia.

LIGA BBVA_ Overview Stages

UEFA Champions League_ Overview Stages

Spanish Cup_ Overview Stages

Also worth mentionable stats. Ball Possession, raging from 65% to 75% in games with weaker oppositions, and against better sides you can expect ball possession over 60% with no exceptions. Clear cut chances per game, 4 - 6 on average.

Also this tactic will work great with no need of setting up and using shouts, so there is no need for them with this one. Except, if you want to preserve your lead late in the game, then it is advisable for you to use this set of custom shouts, and it’s best to use them from 80th minute till the match ends.

controling shouts

Also see a video on how this tactic works in FM13

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