Football Manager 2013 Wonderkid Review - Neymar

Football Manager 2013 Wonderkid - Neymar
Today we'll make a review of the most famous wonderkid not just in Football Manager 2013, but in the world of football. We'll take a look at his current attributes and his future attributes in the game.

So Neymar, first lets take a look of his current attributes in the game. His best playing position is as a Deep lying forward, so we highlighted attributes needed for that position.

Neymar_ Overview Attributes

As you can see from the picture above, attributes needed for his playing position are pretty good, except Teamwork and Strength which are below average. All in all, a great player at a young age of only 20 years.

Next stop, Scout Report. This ones by Pantaleo Corvino, hired at Barcelona.

Neymar_ Reports Scout Report

And now let’s see how well did Neymar develop in his playing career. We stopped the game at 31 December 2020, so after 8 season of football these are Neymar’s attributes. Again we highlighted attributes that are needed most for his best playing position, Deep lying forward.

Neymar_ Overview Attributes-2

As we can see, all of his attributes gotten better throughout the years, especially passing, creativity and decisions. His lowest attributes teamwork and strength, didn't progress so much and are still average, scoring at 12 – teamwork, and 13 – strength.

And at last, let’s take a look of his history career stats.

Neymar_ History Career Stats

So a transfer to Arsenal in the first season for IMO just €33M, a great bargain for Arsenal. And we can see he can score and his average number of goals scored by season is higher than 20 (just the league competition) which is superb.

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