Football Manager 2013 Handheld Is Coming To PSP, iOS & Android!

Football Manager 2013 PSP

Source FMHVibe

FMH2013 is coming out on iOS/Android.
As confirmed by Miles Jacobson in an interview with EuroGamer FMH2013 will be out on iOS and Android despite high piracy rates in the latter.

The game will be skinned for iPhone 5.
Marc Vaughan recently tweeted that the iPhone 5 will have a skin for it to prevent black borders. The game will not add anything special into the iPhone 5 skin though and will be the same as the other iPhone skins but just modified to the new resolution.

No PS Vita game is in the making.
On EuroGamer's forums Marc Vaughan revealed that no PS Vita game is currently in the progress of being made or being planned of.

FMH could be announced in October!
Again in the interview with EuroGamer Miles revealed the features may be revealed in October as they want to let the dust settle on the PC version first. This depends on the iPhone 5 (which at the time wasn't released) and how much it sets SI back in their time scale for FMH2013.

The game will be before Xmas.
Like every FM product that hasn't just been announced it will before Xmas. There is no specific source for this but it has been repeated by a lot of people at SI who are involved with FMH and it wouldn't be hard to find one of these quotes. Marc Vaughan has officially gone on record and said the game won't be out in October leaving the date between 1st November and 24th December at present.

There will be iPad specific pages.
Speaking to a FMH fan on Twitter Marc Vaughan has confirmed that FMH2013 will contain more iPad specific pages though whether this means simply reskinning of pages or new tabs is yet to be seen.

The game is being tested!
If you were on Twitter and following Marc you may have noticed him Tweeting about being appointed at Brighton on FMH2013. This is the same as the FMH2012 messages and shows that the game is being tested and is coming together. The Tweet has since been deleted but you don't have to worry as I have a screenshot.

FMH2013 will be on PSP On a SI YouTube video Miles Jacobson confirmed the game will be on PSP and like last year should work on the PS Vita. Nothing else has been confirmed.

Source FMHVibe

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