Summer Transfer Updates For Football Manager 2012

Summer Transfers Update for Football Manager 2012

So the summer transfer window is over and we have all to agree it was an interesting one. Some major transfers were made this summer including Ibrahimovic move from AC Milan to PSG, Modric move from Tottenham to Real Madrid, Hazard move from Lille to Chelsea and it all finished with a boom, Porto's Hulk made a transfer to Zenit and that was the end of the summer transfer story. There were lot more major and minor transfers, but we won't be talking bout them right now.

All of these major transfers and including the smaller ones are in this unofficial update for Football Manager 2012. Why unofficial we say? Because there is no official version from the Sports Interactive, and this update was made by us for you. There never was or will be, as far as we know, an official summer update of the game. Sports Interactive don't do it, because their main goal is to release the best yet Football Manager 2013 where you'll find the latest data updates.

This update is for the ones that just can't wait that long. And although there is still no official information from SI when will they release FM 2013, we can assume it will be sometime in November. So, if you are like us and can't wait till then this is and ideal update for you.

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How to install the update in your game...
Well first of all you'll have to download the file. Once you've downloaded the update, you'll have to extract it with winrar. So extract the file and move to the next step.

Move the update file to this location:
My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2012/Editor Data

If you're a MAC user you'll move it to this location:
Macintosh HD/users/{your-username}/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2012/editor data

If you already don't have a folder named Editor Data at this location, then simply creat a new folder at this location and name it editor data.

Once you've done this, start FM and click New Game, the 'Choose database' box will appear, make sure to click change at 'Editor Data Files', click Ok and that's it.

Here's a quick video tutorial to guide you in case you mess up somewhere.

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