Chelsea tactic for FM 2012

Chelsea tactic for FM 2012

Overview of the tactic
Roberto Di Matteo took a hot seat at FC Chelsea, after their former manager Villas Boas completely underachieved, and finally got sacked by their charismatic chairman Roman Abramovich. Probably no one expected from Di Matteo to take Chelsea so far in Champions League, and one of the main reasons were matches against one of the best teams in the history ever, the FC Barcelona. But nevertheless, Di Matteo brought back winning mentality to Chelsea, and when the things looked really ugly, he somehow managed to take his team to new victories. Not only did Di Matteo manged to take Chelsea to finals of CL, but also managed to snatch a win in FA Cup finals against Liverpool. It is speculated, that Abramovich will sack Di Matteo after the final game, but if that proves to be true or false we are gona make tactic of his with Chelsea.

Unfortunately for Di Matteo, he can't rely on some of his best players for the starting line up (e.g. Terry, Ivanovic, A Cole, Ramires, etc...), but no matter that he still has a great team at his disposal. Our guess he'll be playing in 4-4-1-1 formation. We made tactic including the best eleven so it looks like this; GK ~ P Cech, FBL ~ A Cole, CD ~ J Terry / Alex, FBR ~B Ivanovic, AP ~ F Lampard, BWM ~ Ramires, WL ~ F Malouda, AMC ~ J Mata, WR ~ S Kalou, TM ~ D Drogba.

Formation 4-3-2-1

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Tactic requirements and guidelines
  • Goalkeeeper doesn't need to be same quailty as Cech, because tactic is not way to attack minded. Regular goalkeeper just do do his job right
  • RB ~ should be an attacking minded, simillar to Ivanovic, lots of field runs, attempting crosses when in position, pacey aswell
  • LB ~ pacey aswell, fewer forward runs than RB
  • One of the DC should be more open minded, so he can attempt some long balls for his team mates, and the other more defensive minded (plays simple passes)
  • As you would most likely assume this is the most attacking oriented player in the team. Additionally has a free roaming and will run with the ball a great deal of time and will close down pitch a lot. Additionally he can make short passes if required to do so
  • Don't use this tactic in case you have an extremely slow team!
  • Wingers - will go up and down the flanks to whip balls to strikers, furthermore they have a free role just in case they need to shift in order to pick out a good cross or perhaps a pass. Pace, wingers should always be pacey.
  • Set team style to play on counter attacks, if you have pacey and explosive wingers like Kalou and Malouda
  • You'll need at least one midfielder with good passing, first touch, creativity and vision. So he can distribute quality balls from back to wingers/target man
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