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football manager champions training
If you want to be the champ in your game, then it is not enough for your team to have superstars or lots of money, no... The most important thing for every team heading to the head of the table is training.

So why is a right training so important? Well, if you don't push your players to their max then you'r not gonna have a good time leading your team to glory. These training schedule is made so that you take out the best of your players, but still to leave them fresh and ready for upcoming feature.

We made training schedule for all the positions in your team. And it can be used both preseason and as a season training schedule. With it you are going to get maximum from your players, also use them as a great training schedule for your young players, so they develop much faster and better.

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Let us take you just briefly through how all positions are set;

football manager champions training
OK so goalkeepers normally are gonna have their Shot Stopping and Handling set to intensive, and Aerobics, Tactics and Ball Control to high. Workload is gonna be at Medium....

football manager champions training
Defenders Back:
These are the pillars of each defense, and as the pillars for anything else, they should be strong, so their Strength training is gonna be set to high, and their Defense training to High...

football manager champions training
Defenders Side:
You gonna need pacey players at these sides, because they are the ones going to attack crossing and defending your goal, so stamina is also needed. So Aerobic set to high normally...

football manager champions training
Always considered as a backbone to every team, they provide the balls and dictate the tempo of every team. All midfielders positions included in this TS...

football manager champions training
Really important players for the modern style of play. Pacey and explosive winger is what every team needs, with goof Attacking, Ball Control and Tactical knowledge...

football manager champions training
Attacking, Ball Control and Shooting are categories of training we are concentrating on with strikers. Good composured strikers, with good first touch and great finishing, we'll make them...

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