Barcelona Tiki-taka tactic for FM 2012

Barcelona Tiki-taka tactic for FM 2012
What is ''tiki-taka''?
Tiki-taka ( commonly spelled tiqui-taca in Spanish; Spanish pronunciation: [ˈtiki ˈtaka] ) is a style of play in association football, characterised by short passing and movement, working the ball through various channels, and maintaining possession. The style is primarily associated with La Liga club FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team under managers Luis Aragonés and Vicente del Bosque.

A little word about our tactic... In Fm 2011 we managed to achieve our primary goals for this tactic; to have a ball possession over 65%, to heave more than 500+ passes per game, that our playmaker has over 100 passes per game... Now in Football Manager 2012 we outdone ourselves! Not only that the above goals were achieved but we would say over achieved... Every team with whom we played with this tactic did all this, and for our surprise much more than expected. We managed to make our teams have at least 30!! shots on goal and the opposite side less than 5!!! Truly a great tactic is here for you to download. You are going to easily dominate any league with this tactic, even if playing with LLclub.

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